Milvolt Electrical Power Systems

Milvolt Electrical Power Systems (MEPS) is a world class first choice company in driving your electrical and electronic power systems needs. We are a business that prides itself in provision of excellent customer service and satisfaction through our world class services. We specialise in a variety of fields, which are:

  • Solar Power Systems
  • Intruder Alarms
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Systems
  • Electric Gate Systems
  • Lighting Systems (Indoor and Outdoor)
  • Housewiring
  • Electric Motor Driving Circuits
  • Retractable security doors (Trellis doors), Windows & Roller Shutters.
  • Electrical accessories


CCTV Systems

Day night Cameras
  1. Cameras and Domes
  2. DVRs
  3. System and System Accessories
  4. Intelligent Analysis Solution

Intruder Detection Systems

Intruder Detection Systems
  1. Control Panels
  2. Sensors and Sirens
  3. Wireless system
  4. Central Station

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems
  1. Access Control Solutions
  2. Printers
  3. Readers
  4. Control Panels and Hardware
  5. Central Station and Remote Monitoring Software

Solar Power Systems

Solar power
  1. Solar Power Modules
  2. Solar Batteries
  3. Solar Inverters
  4. Solar Charge Controllers

Lighting Systems

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Systems
  1. Indoor and Outdoor lighting
  2. Lighting System Design
  3. Installation of lighting systems and structures

Electric Motor Control Circuits

Electric motors
  1. Design of electric motor and associated circuits
  2. Direct-On-Line, Forward and Reverse Direct-On-Line control and power circuits
  3. Star-Delta control and power circuits
  4. Soft Starters and AC Variable Speed Drives

Industrial and Commercial machine installations

Industrial Wiring

Residential House Wiring


Refridgeration and Air-Conditioning

Refridgeration and Air-Conditioning

Installation and design of Air-Conditioning Systems

Retractable Security Doors & Windows (Trellis Doors)

Trellis Doors
Trellis Doors
Trellis Doors
Trellis Doors
Trellis Doors
Trellis Doors
Trellis Doors
Trellis Doors

Electrical Accessories

Housewiring Cables

Single Core Rolls

  • 1.5mm red
  • 1.5mm black
  • 1.5mm earth

  • 2.5mm red
  • 2.5mm black
  • 2.5mm earth

  • 4mm red
  • 4mm black
  • 4mm earth

  • 6mm red
  • 6mm black
  • 6mm earth

  • 10mm red
  • 10mm black
  • 10mm earth

  • 16mm red
  • 16mm black

Glands & Shrouds

  • #0
  • #1
  • #2
  • #3
  • #4
  • #5

Jointing Kits

  • #0
  • #1
  • #2
  • #3
  • #4
  • #5

Flex Cable

  • 1.5mm 3core
  • 2.5mm 3core
  • 4mm 3core & 4core
  • 6mm 3core & 4core

Armored Cables

  • 4mm 4core
  • 6mm 4core
  • 10mm 4core
  • 16mm 4core
  • 25mm 4core

Other Accessories

  • 13A Double Socket Outlet
  • 15A Double Socket Outlet
  • 13A Single Socket Outlet
  • 15A Single Socket Outlet

  • Pin LED Bulbs
  • Screw LED Bulbs

  • 19mm BE Coupling & Bush
  • 25mm BE Coupling & Bush
  • Bulkheads
  • Sphere Fittings


Commercial Offices

We are committed to commercial office protection and provision of air-conditioning systems. Intruder alarms, access control and solar systems.


Protection of educational equipment is also our priority area. Intruder alarms, access control and CCTV systems are also very vital for the education sector. Due to high levels of child abuse it is very important that their safety must be a priority. School premises must be monitored, protected and catered for.


MEPS is committed to provision of security needs for the government ranging from intruder alarms, access control and the attendance registry, solar power systems for government departments and agriculture. Solar has not been fully realised in the agriculture field. Checking time and attendance can be very difficult and access control can help.


MEPS is also committed to the provision of electrical needs for the healthcare sector through the provision of access control, intruder alarms, new machinery installations and services. These are sensitive areas in the healthcare sector which must be protected and covered from general access.


This will mainly be in design and installations. The industry is the heart of MEPS business as a whole. We are committed to provision of all electrical needs of medium voltage to low voltage. We focus on access control, CCTV systems, intruder detection systems and solar power systems.


The business will be supported by the residential sector, i.e intruder alarm systems, solar systems, and housewiring. They will be the lungs of the business which will enable it to run day to day business.


Our access control system and attendance registry will help shops and big business to keep the attendance of their personnel and restrict access to the unauthorised persons therefore making it safe for the business and safeguard losing their production time and important goods or merchandise.

Industrial Utilities

This includes access to boiler, air-compressor, ammonia compressors and water treatment plants. These systems will also have CCTV to monitor these areas. We also are committed to provide all the electrical needs of these services including installation, troubleshooting and servicing.

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